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Yacht Management

At Portum Tua we understand that no two Yachts are the same. Our Yacht Management Services are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each Owner, helping them get the best out of their Yacht, whether it is a 120-metre Mega Yacht or a 20-metre Luxury Yacht.

Portum Tua has a wealth of experience in dealing with the day-to-day issues related to large Yacht operation, and are expertly placed to offer a full range of Yacht Management Services which can be taken in a number of different packages in order to suit the owner’s needs.

Portum Tua Ltd. | Yacht Management | Agency | Services | Maintenance
Portum Tua Ltd. | Yacht Management | Agency | Services | Maintenance

Management Team

Furthermore, our team is equipped with Master Mariners, Engineers, Technical Crew, Accountants and Crew Managers, all working together to provide the highest level of support and guidance to Captains and Owners.


Through recommending Management Services specifically designed to suit each Yacht’s intended operation, we can assure every Client’s requirements are met.

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