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Management Services


Yacht Management Services include any of all of the following:

•    Input on annual budgets and financial planning
•    Monthly fund requests based on known and expected expenditure
•    Generating receipts for funds and disbursements of all goods and services
•    Checking invoices and generating receipts prior to payment with Captains (or Owners if applicable)
•    Processing wire transfers or cheques for payment of invoices
•    Payment of Crew salaries
•    Arranging for cash to be available to Captains for on board expenditures
•    Checking Captains’ monthly accounts and integrating expenditures into Portum Tua office "Accounting System"
•    Checking credit card statements
•    Preparing monthly and quarterly statements, along with expenditure analysis
•    Preparing annual financial reports
•    Arranging charter APA’s for Captains
•    Arranging the payment of Yacht expenses through any of our Agency Network worldwide, if required

Agency Department Support Services

•    Liaising with Portum Tua Crew Placement Department
•    Assisting Captains in Crew placement
•    Verifying and renewing Crew certificates of competency and licences
•    Issuing Captain’s and Crew contracts
•    Assisting and liaising with the Captain on employment disputes
•    Off-shore Crew payroll
•    Establishing independent/offshore Crew Employment Facility upon Owner’s request
•    General Crew administration, support and repatriation
•    Handling of Crew medical insurance and claims
•    Advising Captains on MLC requirements

Yacht Registration

•    Initial registration
•    Re-registration
•    Name changes
•    Ownership changes
•    Ownership Structure
•    Re-flagging

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Administration & Insurance

•    Advising on any regulatory changes affecting the Yacht’s operation
•    Arranging insurance cover for the Yacht and Crew
•    Administrating insurance policies and liaising with insurance brokers
•    Handling of claims relating to the Yacht and Crew
•    General support for Captain and Crew with: Customs, Cruising Permits, Shipping, Port Agents, Travel and Local Contacts
•    Emergency Response Services 24/7 - 365

Technical Management

•    Planning maintenance schedules with review of their effectiveness with periodic inspections
•    Appointing competent personnel to oversee the maintenance and efficiency of the vessel
•    Assisting on board engineering staff with shipyard specifications and trouble shooting
•    Visiting shipyards during routine dry docking
•    Liaising with Class and Flag State surveyors
•    Emergency Response Service (SERS)
•    Arranging the supply of necessary stores and spares, if required
•    Appointing surveyors and technical consultants, as necessary
•    Handling of all activities relating to Flag State compliance and Classification Society requirements
•    Advice on maintenance and renewal of: Vessel Certificates, Licences, Classification Status and Flag State requirements

Logistics and Purchasing

•    Arranging bunkering on specific requests
•    Arranging payment for above services
•    Liaising with Captains, obtaining quotes and arranging for the purchase and displacement of spares
•    Forwarding of Crew and Yacht mail

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