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Refit Management

Portum Tua, close links with the most prestigious shipyards in Europe enable us to assist with even the most ambitious superyacht refit projects.


Whether a vessel was built under Portum Tua supervision or not, the company’s extensive construction portfolio, allied to its yard-based specialist teams, ensures a bespoke service rigorously in line with briefs, schedules and budgets.

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Vessel refit and repair department is a key aspect of Portum Tua portfolio.


We offer professional planning consultation and design expertise to ensure a vessel entering a major ref-fit period has been thoroughly prepared and has a detail refit overview that meets clients requirements, vessel regulation, preventative maintenance schedule and technical safety standards. Our skills are in close relation with the following elements:


  • Shipyard procurement and yard selection

  • Contract negotiation

  • Specification approval

  • Management of sub contractors of all vessel areas (Interior, IT, Engineering, Navigation, Communication)

  • Sourcing of supply parts and equipment

  • Acceptance and warranty protocols

  • Refit administration with focus on budget control and project reporting

  • Quality control

  • Compliance control (ensuring Flag, Class and Manufactures requirements are meet during project works)

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